Instructor Training - Longmeadow, MA
March 20, 2010

4th East Coast SKIF-USA Instructor Training Clinic ...Scores an "A"...again!!!

On Saturday, March 20th in Longmeadow, Massachusetts...26 SKIF Karate-ka of Brown and Blackbelt level  from New York, New Hampshire, and Maine SKIF Dojos trained together from 10:30 A.M. to 3:30 PM. in the technical and instructional components of Kanazawa Kancho's SKIF syllabus  of  Kihon, Kata, and Kumite in order to assist themselves in becoming better Karate-ka and also,  in becoming,  better Sensei for their respective schools learning in depth, selected areas of specific study from the three "K's" referenced above. Co-sponsored and taught by Jim Shea, Steve Warren, and Mike didn't take long for those cleaned and  ironed white gis to become saturated with the perspiration of intense concentration and training. Each of the three teaching Sensei taught specific areas of concentration designed to give the most to each session...explaining, demonstrating and teaching to their eager audience. Questions were welcomed from the participants and all were answered to everyone's satisfaction.

Additionally, each attendee was given an 82 page handout of materials covering kata, kihon, kumite, charts, anatomical informational schematics  (in both English and Japanese), Budo stories, tales, and Dojo etiquette...along with explanations differentiating the various purposes for training in gohon, sanbon, and ippon kumite...proper procedures for folding and carrying the keiko-gi tied with the obi, past interviews and demonstrations of waza with Kancho from around the world, vocabulary, and training information as well as teaching techniques...all of which when finally read, processed and categorized, will assist the present and future Sensei in the Dojo.

 This was truly a great training experience for everyone who attended.  Plans are now being discussed for a 5th SKIF Instructor Training Clinic for 2011.

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