Samauri Saturday - Farmington, Maine
May 1, 2010

May Samurai Saturday A Big Success!!!...26 students and Sensei from  all over New England and Montreal made the trip for an intense two hour session of SKIF Kata, Kihon, and Kobudo practice at the Maine Shotokan Karate Association Dojo in Farmington.  Selected techniques from Kancho's Kihon Ippon and Jiyu Ippon Kumite were reviewed in detail as well as the Heian Yondan and Gojushiho Dai Kata...Kobudo practice included The Kanazawa No Bo Dai Kata and The Tsukenshithaku No Sai Kata.  A large pizza buffet lunch was offered at the end of class... Old and new friendships were renewed and established...and training together"on the tatami"...continued the time honored bond shared by all Karate-ka.



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