Belt Testing Requirements

Testing Level Minimum Classes Minimum Time
9th Kyu White to 8th Kyu Yellow 16 Classes 3 months
8th Kyu Yellow to 7th Kyu Orange 12 Classes 2 months
7th Kyu Orange 6th Kyu Green 24 Classes 3 months
6th Kyu Green to 5th Kyu Blue 32 Classes 4 months
5th Kyu Blue to 4th Kyu Purple 48 Classes 6 months
4th Kyu Purple to 3rd Kyu Brown 56 Classes 6 months
3rd Kyu Brown to 2nd Kyu Brown 60 Classes 6 months
2nd Kyu Brown to 1st Kyu Brown 68 Classes 6 months
1st Kyu Brown to 1st Dan 68 Classes 6 months
1st Dan to 2nd Dan   2 Years
2nd Dan to 3rd Dan   3 Years
3rd Dan to 4th Dan   4 Years
4th Dan to 5th Dan   5 Years
5th Dan to 6th Dan   6 Years
6th Dan to 7th Dan   7 Years

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